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Halifax Urban Folk Festival

Adam MakBain

Adam MakBain is a 35 year old singer songwritter from Pictou, Nova Scotia. Influenced at an early age by father Wayne Douglas MacBain (original member of former local band, Fox Fire) Adam started showing his musical interest before he could properly form words, watching his father write and sing. By the age of 6 he was given his first guitar and started to learn how play. It wasn't till the age of 14 it became a serious pasttime for Adam, writting his first song and starting his first band Elysium, in 1996 with high school friends. Elysium recorded their first record with Terry Pulliam (Sloan's 'Smeared' producer) in 1998. The band never made it past 1999.

Adam went on to forming other high school bands 'Pledge 57' and 'TBA' but nothing he felt concrete until forming the group 'Singledout' in 2003. A 4 piece alt/rock group. Singledout recorded their first record "Better Alone" in 2005 at Dave Gunning's studio and released it locally, performing and making radio waves throughout Nova Scotia. By the end of 2005 Adam & S.O. guitarist, Ian McLaren were left to become the last two members of the band continuing to play through out Nova Scotia as an acoustic act. By 2007 Adam had become a fully independent solo acoustic act and continues to find his place in music.