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"When you whittle your reasons for doing something down to the minimum it better be magical and fun, otherwise you should probably be doing something else." Ron Hawkins


Not only is Ron Hawkins the frontman and principle songwriter for the first wholely independent band to have a gold record in Canada - The Lowest of the Low/Shakespeare My Butt - but he's also helmed The Rusty Nails and The Do Good Assassins along with making albums under his own moniker. Somehow, he still finds time to be an accomplished painter (if you didn't know about that aspect of Ron's life, you can look at some of his stunning work HERE), which makes him a Rennaisance man if ever there was one.

"It's been 20 years since the Lowest of the Low released Shakespeare My Butt, yet the album still gets you in the gut and takes you back to a Toronto you may have lived in or may never have seen. Ron Hawkins and co.'s marriage of punk, rock and folk with unpretentious lyrics about epic love affairs, poverty and history hints at Elvis Costello and Billy Bragg. Tellingly, the Weakerthans' John K. Samson is a fan." NOW Magazine

Since The Carleton opened, Ron has made time to come to play (with The Lowest of the Low, solo, wtih a HUFF All Star Band) and has become one of the club's favourite artists. We've been blessed that his solo career seems to have him producing new music at the rate of an album a year so there are always new tunes to hear when Ron gets to town. He'll be playing with his Halifax All Stars (locals, scrapes) again but this time around on a bill with Canadian proto-punk Art Bergmann (also with a Halifax All Star band) and the magnificent Like A Motorcycle at The Seahorse Tavern. It'll be a night to remember, folks!

"Garden Songs' gentle, pared-down quality keeps the focus on his exceptional, introspective lyrics and familiar vocals that sometimes bring to mind early Elvis Costello." NOW Magazine

"It is one of the most fascinating success stories in Canadian indie rock history. 20 years ago, Toronto's punk-fuelled folk-rockers the Lowest of The Low put out their debut album,Shakespeare My Butt, to little initial fanfare. The record's infectious energy and the eloquence of chief singer/songwriter Ron Hawkins' lyrics eventually proved irresistible, however. After two decades, it stands as a genuinely timeless album." Exclaim!


Ron Hawkins has long been revered as one of Canada’s greatest contemporary singer-songwriters. Prolific as he is, Ron follows up his 2015 release of Garden Songs, with SPIT SPUTTER & SPARKLE, continuing to exemplify his skills with a word, a hook, a riff and a melody to display some of his finest work to date. Released via Pheromone Recordings, the album features 11 new originals, including the first single, Beautiful Girl.

The new album was primarily recorded at Ron’s 55 Below home studio with Ron taking care of all vocals and instrumentation. Additional production, engineering and mixing was handled by Joe Dunphy at Toronto’s Revolution Studios and includes drummers Pat Steward and Jody Brumell as well as string and horn sections (arranged by Ron) on several songs.  Ron's toured the album extensively throughout Canada (with the exception of the East Coast! ED).

As lead singer/multi-instrumentalist and main songwriter of Canada’s legendary Lowest of the Low, Ron Hawkins has enjoyed many accolades through the years:

In 1996, 2000 and again in 2005, Chart Magazine honoured the group’s 1991 debut album, Shakespeare My Butt, with spots in the top 10 of the Top 100 Canadian Albums of All Time. In 2000 and once again in 2015, Hawkins was voted Songwriter of the Year by NOW Magazine’s reader’s poll.  Also in 2000, Ron received Toronto station 102.1 The Edge’s Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2008 The Lowest of the Low was inducted into the Canadian Indie Rock Hall of Fame and awarded gold records for Shakespeare My Butt.

Over the years, Ron has written and released three additional LOTL albums, five solo discs, three records with his band The Rusty Nails, and in November 2012, Ron and The Do Good Assassins released the double disc Rome. Adding them all up, Spit Sputter and Sparkle is Ron’s 15th album of original material.